What I Do

I Design Games, User Experiences, User Interfaces and Brand Imagery with some Illustration on the side.

Hi there! I’m Max O’Brien and Osprey Dawn is the handle I use for everything I do online. This site is home to all the work I’ve completed for academic assignments, client work and personal endeavours. My talents specialise in Graphics Design, UI & UX Design, Illustration, Design Research and Game Design.

About Me

Art & design is in my blood and has been since I first put a pencil to paper at elementary school. Growing up surrounded by technology allowed me to latch on to new concepts and techniques at an early age. Today my convictions are as strong as they have ever been as I’m constantly striving to improve myself and spread the wonder that is beautiful design.


On November 1st, 2012 I finishsed my Bachelor of Design Innovation degree from the Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand. My degree taught me not just technical skills but a greater unbderstanding of the process of design as a whole. In my area of study I focused my efforts on 3D design, games, apps & web design


On July 27th 2012, my appetite for adventure was initiated. As a member of a group for an event called StartUp Weekend, using my design skills I went up against industry vets - and won. I have worked on multiple graphic design projects for clients and have just successfully completed a summer games bootcamp geared at penetrating the games industry with my own company. We are now an indepenent game company at Fiero Interactive


Over the years as a designer I have led multiple teams on projects of varying disciplines to achieve high degrees of success. As a leader I have developed the need to have clearly defined convictions and vision to steer and motivate my fellow team members. I have refined skill sets in a number of applications including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and Autodesk Maya to help communicate and realise my ideas.

Get in Touch

If you need help sprucing up a project your working on or are just interested in getting a conversation started fire an email my way so we can get together.

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