The New York Jets

This logo is one in a series of 32 NFL Logo redesigns. The NFL Redesigned gives background to the entire project and index to the entire series.

Oh the Jets, what a history they’ve had and their recent escapades haven’t been too kind in the least. I still hate them, but I do feel sorry for them. No one deserves that. I hope this logo cheers them up. 

It took me a while to get it right but from the beginning I knew I could make the wing of the Jet look like a ‘J’ if I just got the angle right. I even brought back the old Jets logotype because I thought the speed it gave off was a perfect fit in with the jet itself. To be honest I’m quite chuffed with the result, it looks awesome on a helmet and I hope the fans get a kick out of it. 

Note: These are pieces of concept art only. These logos are not the official mark of any team in The National Football League.